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Hong Kong, China


Y5ZONE is the exclusive Wi-Fi hotspot service provider at all McDonald’s outlets in Hong Kong and China. Our 20-30 minutes FREE Wi-Fi service at McDonald’s has helped capture its customer demographics for use in their marketing campaigns and for online advertising over Wi-Fi.



Y5ZONE offers 20 minutes FREE Wi-Fi service at all Starbucks in Hong Kong. People come to a Starbucks for its world’s best coffee, with friends, and for its Wi-Fi service – it’s all about the Starbucks Experience.


Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger offers 60 minutes FREE Wi-Fi service, catering to its customers especially during the lunch breaks where most people might be grabbing a quick sandwich or wraps, while working over a Wi-Fi.


UA Cinemas

Y5ZONE offers 20 minutes FREE Wi-Fi service at all UA Cinemas in Hong Kong. Wi-Fi service is restricted to the ticketing area and was intended to provide FREE Internet access to movie goers to check out the movie they plan to watch, and they can also purchase their tickets online and avoid the walk-in queue.


Wilson Parking

Sometimes, mobile reception within car parks may not be good enough for making/receiving calls, much worse for accessing the Internet. Y5ZONE has been providing Wi-Fi service at several Wilson Parking car parks to provide drivers Wi-Fi Internet access while they wait in their car, or prepping up a last-minute business presentation over their company VPN.


Vitasoy (vending machines)

Y5ZONE has recently entered into a partnership with Vitasoy, a leading beverage producer of soybean drinks, to offer FREE Wi-Fi service near a Vitasoy vending machine.

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Y5ZONE is in partnership with almost all of the re-known & reputable universities in Hong Kong to offer FREE Wi-Fi service to its students at all of Y5ZONE’s Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong, while offering our Wi-Fi service on-campus to Y5ZONE Customers.


Shopping Malls

Y5ZONE is involved in the design, deployment & maintenance of several mall-wide FREE Wi-Fi service in Hong Kong including ifc mall, The ONE, Metroplaza, and many more.

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Y5ZONE has extensive experience in Wi-Fi network solutions design & deployment for shopping malls. Contact us to find out how we can help WiFi-enable your shopping mall!

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