Y5Global – Global Internet Access

Y5Global Roaming service allows you to access the Internet while you travel overseas for business or leisure, through our partner iPass’ global virtual network.

With a roaming account and an easy-to-use software (iPassConnect), you can enjoy Internet access through Wi-Fi hotspots, wired broadband, dialup access points at places like airports, hotels, convention centers, coffee shops, shopping malls… in over 160 countries.

We offer both prepaid service (for all types of users) and post-paid service (for corporations only). Prepaid service can be subscribed and paid by credit card (VISA). What’s more, you get to create your own Username and Password, making it more convenient when traveling abroad!

For enquiries about our corporate plan, please call our Hong Kong Inquiry Hotline at +852-8226 2582.

For more information on our online plans and immediate subscription & provisioning, click on button below (this link will redirect you away from www.y5zone.net.au).

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