Wireless Survey & Audit

Y5ZONE has conducted numerous site survey and network audits for wired & wireless networks ranging from small office setup, to company headquarters, shopping centres, exhibition & convention centres, hotels & other accommodation properties, outdoor coverage areas, transportations (trains & buses), and many more.

The task of conducting wireless site survey and network audit cannot be done simply by attending classroom trainings or reading user manuals for RF site survey tool; it is acquired by investing many years of experience with in-depth case study, trial-and-error, and RF fine-tuning.

Our team of network engineers has been equipped with the wireless know-how and experiences to help you with:

  • Designing & deploying a new wireless network or for your existing wired/wireless network,
  • Provide performance fine-tuning (especially when your wireless network is experiencing intermittent connectivity, or inconsistent network speed),
  • Managing the network service & configurations, to minimize the risk of network failures.

Our team uses wireless & RF survey tools, RF & network design tools for any wireless network projects.

Put our proven experience and survey & audit expertise to work for you.

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Wireless Site Survey

A site survey is a set of procedures that allows the surveyor to understand the physical environment from an RF perspective and the business requirements of the WLAN set forth by the WLAN owner. These procedures allow the surveyor to design a WLAN that will have the coverage and capacity to allow applications to perform properly over the wireless network. A site survey is often the most important piece of WLAN design for many reasons, including allowing the surveyor to estimate how many equipment will be needed for the WLAN to operate as required by the owner.

Wireless Network Audit

For many, introducing a wireless infrastructure throughout an organisation has major drawbacks. As most people are aware, securing these access points presents another large headache for IT. With readily available free wireless hacking tools and tutorials on the Internet, this can soon become a very real threat. A wireless security audit can provide an effective method for securing wireless networks. The audit is designed to find the weaknesses on the wireless access points, looking for various deficiencies such as default passwords and weak encryption keys.