Y5ZONE is the Preferred Wireless Service & Solutions Provider in Hong Kong given that our experience and expertise focuses primarily on Wi-Fi technology. Over the past years, we’ve developed and are providing various wireless solutions that helped businesses realize how Wi-Fi could help increase repeat businesses, improved customer loyalty/retention and market awareness/presence by offering paid or FREE Wi-Fi service.

Y5ZONE provides a range of wireless network solutions:

Our proven FREE Wi-Fi service solution will help increase customer retention and generate additional revenue from Wi-Fi and advertising.

Wi-Fi service is no longer a luxury but a necessity to every hotel guests. Offer a Wi-Fi service that will keep guests coming back.

More and more shopping malls are installing Wi-Fi to offer tenants and shoppers broadband Internet access.

More and more people today use trains and buses to commute to work. Offer Wi-Fi service to commuters while they are on the go.

Your corporate office network infrastructure is one of your most important investment. Invest in a Wi-Fi network for your mobile workforce.

Y5ZONE‘s Service Provisioning & Billing solution offers a unified platform for billing and provisioning of bundled IP-based services.

Put our proven experience and Wi-Fi solutions to work for you.

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