Billing & Service Provisioning

Y5ZONE‘s Service Provisioning & Billing solution offers a unified platform for billing and provisioning of bundled IP-based services, fully integrated with standards compliant third party hardware and software systems to provide a flexible, customizable and cost-effective business solution.

Our solution has been designed and tested for service providers offering wired and wireless services, and could be deployed for any IP-based services that requires a service delivery platform that demands for features our service provisioning & billing solution has to offer!

If you are running a wireless/Internet Service Provider business and looking for an OSS/BSS (Operations Support System/Business Support System) to implement/replace, our solution has been designed and tested for an ISP business. Why not contact us to find out more how our solution can support your business & operations. Put our proven experience and Wi-Fi solution to work for you.


  • Ease of use – designed by an ISP, for ISPs
  • Open & scalable solution for faster time-to-market
  • Service integration to any IP-based platform based on industry standards
  • Fully redundant to support load-balancing or fail-over designs
  • Affordable solution for all deployment sizes
  • Future-proof and cost-effective

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Service Fulfilment

Service Plan Management

  • Create, modify & remove service/rate plans
  • Prepaid plan management, batch generation for card printing & distribution
  • Value-Added Services (VAS) bundling
  • Special offers, discounts, incentives & third-party product bundling
Inventory Management

  • Manages external & internal inventory – products for sale, network equipment (NE) deployed/in-store
  • External inventory can be charged to customers upfront, or on 12-24 months contract.
  • Contract notification for follow-up and renewal.
Provisioning & Activation

  • Supports standard RADIUS for authentication, authorization & accounting (AAA).
  • Real-time activation upon subscription & payment confirmation.

Billing & Customer Care

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Account management via administrator portal
  • Customer Experience rating platform
  • Support ticketing system to track & escalate issues
  • Manage customer subscriptions
Billing & Invoicing

  • Automated billing & invoicing with grace period reminders
  • Invoice reminders via emails, and supports SMS (gateway-provider dependent)

  • Raw data conversion for internal billing
  • Configurable for third-party systems
Reporting & Analysis

  • Comprehensive customer demographic analysis & reporting
  • Transaction & usage patterns for market study & strategic analysis

Service Assurance

Revenue Assurance

  • Allows operators to perform customer verification and credit checks independently and update into system for reference
  • Customer account, subscription and usage monitoring for revenue leaks
Fault Management

  • Monitors system health and sends notifications to assigned operators (email/SMS)
  • Supports event identifications, error detections, and fault corrections
Performance Management

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can be set and displayed on dashboards, and customized to display as on-screen shortcuts.
  • Monitors and reports on Availability, Capacity & Service Level