Wi-Fi Hotspots

Y5ZONE has been deploying many Wi-Fi hotspots with our proven service management platform that you can now use to offer Wi-Fi hotspot service at your location. We will certainly not get our customers to meddle with any technical aspects (like firmware upgrades, and/or equipment configurations) just to get your hotspot started, we can arrange the installation and provisioning in a jiffy, so that you can focus on your business operations, while we take care of the Wi-Fi Hotspot setup.

If you have a business where your customers sit and have coffee or a meal, we can provide a wireless hotspot for them to enjoy. This added feature to your establishment will bring much more business through your door and as an owner/ operator, you know that is crucial. You do not have to worry about supporting your Wi-Fi service setup because we will take care of all of that for you. Our Wi-Fi service provisioning & billing system can be custom created to fit your bandwidth or time constraint needs so customers won’t linger longer than they need to. The equipment is unobtrusive and your customers will not even see it in most cases, but they will be able to enjoy the comforts of it and all you have to do is sit back and watch your happy customers.

Y5ZONE has been providing Wi-Fi hotspot services in Hong Kong & China at but not limited to restaurants, cafe, cinemas (ticketing area), car parking lots & vending machines.

Y5ZONE has been partnering with the world’s leading brands in food & beverage in Hong Kong & China to provide FREE Wi-Fi service at their establishments. The only reason why we’ve been very successful with our Wi-Fi service is simply because, we developed and maintain total control over our Wi-Fi network setup and complement our service with support from our very own call-center. Today, we can and are delivering the same excellent Wi-Fi service in Australia.

McDonald’s, Starbucks, UA Cinemas, Wilson Parking & Vitasoy logos and symbols are registered trademarks of McDonald’s Corporation, Starbucks Corporation, UA Cinema Circuit Limited, Wilson Group & Vitasoy International Holdings Limited, respectively in Hong Kong. Y5ZONE has business partnership arrangements with the above corporations in Hong Kong and China.

Put our proven experience and Wi-Fi hotspot service management best practices to work for you.

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Wi-Fi Hotspots

Y5ZONE has been working with many premise owners to offer Wi-Fi service. Wi-Fi is a service differentiating factor for new or returning customers. Everyone needs to be connected wherever they may be, especially when the advent of mobile computing (smartphones like iPhone, Android) are becoming vastly available in the market but the supply of Wi-Fi coverage areas are limited, leaving these mobile users stranded with slow 3G ‘and-supposedly-broadband’ connectivity.

Wi-Fi Service as Value-Add

Y5ZONE offers our service management solution to Internet/Wi-Fi Service Providers or Mobile Operators to offer Wi-Fi as a value-add service to your mainstream products. Whether you’re in the business of providing ADSL/Cable broadband service, Wi-Fi is a complementary service for your customers to deploy their own Wi-Fi service; or, if you’re a mobile operator, 3G data offloading onto a Wi-Fi network is becoming a norm in international cities when LTE is not yet mature.