Wi-Fi for Transportation

More and more people today use trains (LRT, KTM, etc.) and buses to commute to work or to go on business trips. Because people are spending more time on trains and buses, onboard Internet service has become more and more important to help business travellers maximize their efficiency. These travellers demand high bandwidth so Wi-Fi is the best solution for this kind of mobile communication. Besides Internet service, transportation companies can also use wireless technology to provide multimedia entertainment services, communications between platforms/stops and moving vehicles, as a backhaul solution for security cameras along the railway/tram tracks or routes.

Designing and deploying Wi-Fi inside trains/buses is not complicated, but connecting the in-train/bus Wi-Fi infrastructure to the Internet via 3G or wireless broadband solution makes these projects a lot more challenging. Y5ZONE has experiences in designing these Wi-Fi services that is proven to work on trains, trams and buses.

Wi-Fi on Trains

On-board Wi-Fi is fast becoming a popular feature and it’s expanding fast around the globe, there are many countries currently testing/installing Wi-Fi to offer it as a FREE service, while using it for internal communications and facility management due to its high speed connectivity. Y5ZONE has designed an on-board Wi-Fi that has proven to work flawlessly.

Wi-Fi on Bus

Wi-Fi service on buses/coaches has proven several business model for long-distance journeys, ride to the school, and even for running marketing campaigns. Business travellers can now use Wi-Fi while they are travelling on the bus (making it cool again to take the bus), while students can get online via Wi-Fi on the bus, which helps keeping noise levels down and let the drivers focus on the road.

Put our proven experience and Wi-Fi solutions & service management best practices to work for you.

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