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Y5ads – The Future Advertising Platform

Effectively engage with your audience through our Wi-Fi advertising platform

Capture 100% share of voice and guaranteed engagement!

Instant reach to 593,168 Wi-Fi users

Getting your advertisement to the hands of the audience made easy


One featured ad with guaranteed immersion time before patrons connect to Wi-Fi.


Our Wi-Fi network gives you the widest coverage in Singapore. For instance TCC, Vivocity & many more.


From driving social media engagement, website traffics, leads generation, to workshop sign up. We have it covered.


Immediate interaction opportunities to drive traffics to your social media, websites, or video sites.


Leveraging our island-wide Wi-Fi network, we maximise the reach of your potential customers.


Flexible budget scheme that suits your marketing objectives.

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Start your campaign from as low as $200.00.*

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How this works

We make the Wi-Fi login simple & friendly, so that users will love to use it. Once they are connected, they will give you the due attention.

  1. Patrons connect to our Wi-Fi network

The patrons will see your ad banner for before they connect to our free Wi-Fi network island-wide.

2. Once they click on your banner, they will be redirected

Attractive & creative banner attract the most attention. Once the patrons click on the banner, they will be redirected to your landing page for further engagement.

Seamless Ad Injection

We seamlessly inject your ad banner to the patrons when they are surfing on their devices to remind them about your brand. Yes, we do it in style, so they won’t notice it.

Some Of Our Clients

SocialY5 Content Portal

Acquire new customers through content marketing

“61% of consumers are influenced by custom content.” According to Dragon Search Marketing. SocialY5 Content Portal is the platform for you to showcase your content and acquire new potential customers.

High Traffic Site

We have an average of 2,900 users land on SocialY5 Content Page every day. Great opportunity for you to reach out to them

Easy to use dashboard

Uploading your content is as easy as using a Words document. Our user-friendly backend allows you to update the content easily & quickly.

SEO Friendly

Our content page is SEO friendly. This means that your content can also be discovered by users outside of Wi-Fi networks. The opportunities is endless.

If users don’t respond to banner ads

They will always be directed to here

With just $150 a month, you can post up to 6 articles to SocialY5 Content Portal. We will create custom category for you to help you optimise the readership.

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$150.00 per month allows you to post up to 6 articles.

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